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Here at http://RickPattersonConnects.com, we focus on exposing the root driver behind our destructive decisions to empower a life of increasing freedom to make healthy life choices. Many times we make important decisions based on our past experiences and self-understanding.

Our mistakes and failures can play too important a role in directing our future as well. It’s a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break. What if there was a way to hone in on the root roadblock, stop the bus and change course?


“Shame Unmasked is a brave, challenging, and necessary work to anyone who really wants to live a life of freedom. This book is a helpful companion for the journey.”
Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

Founder , The Center for Action and Contemplation

Shame takes on all forms of negative self-talk. Richard Patterson explores all aspects of shame in his groundbreaking new book. Through his own stories and those of his brave children, Richard takes the reader on an eye-opening adventure of self-discovery.”
Danette Kubanda

Emmy Award-winning television producer, publicity consultant, media coach, and writer, Danette Kubanda Media & PR

“Shame can terrorize you and strip you of all that you are and can be. Thankfully, Rick Patterson exposes shame for what it is and helps all of us to reclaim our lives. A must read.”
S. Renee Smith

Nationally recognized self-esteem & branding expert, coach, speaker, and coauthor of Self-Esteem for Dummies, S. Renee Smith Website

“Rick Patterson shows how shame distorts all our relationships, and he points us to the path of healing and wholeness—an important book for all those who deep down feel that they are not good enough.”
Dr. Tom Boogaart

Professor of Old Testament, Western Theological Seminary

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I became aware something was wrong in my early 30s.  I was a stereotypical overachiever: working full time in corporate America, going to school full time to get my Master’s degree in ministry, launching a new outreach program at church, and raising 50 head of beef cattle.

On the surface it all seemed to be going really well, but inside there was a storm brewing.  Anxiety and rage were overtaking my life.  Eventually I landed in my doctor’s office hoping for some happy pills to take off this miserable edge… To Read More About Rick Click Here

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Your life is in the present.  The answers are in your past.  There is hope for your future.

What is Truth? The Destruction of Shame

What is Truth? The Destruction of Shame

What is Truth? The Great Exposer “What is truth?” is the rhetorical question made famous by Pilate during the interrogation of Jesus.  This has become the non rhetorical question in today’s world. We struggle to understand the possibility of “alternative facts”....

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Shame and Suicide Prevention

Shame and Suicide Prevention

Suicide: the Hidden Time Bomb I just went to a funeral for a young man who had just graduated college and was preparing to begin his adult life. He committed suicide. Like with many suicides, his family and friends were left uttering the words “we had no idea”. What...

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