Here at, we focus on exposing the root driver behind our destructive decisions to empower a life of increasing freedom to make healthy choices.  Many times we make important decisions based on our past experiences and self-understanding.  Our mistakes and failures can play too important a role in directing our future as well, which can become a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break.  What if there was a way to hone in on the root roadblock, stop the bus and change course?

Over my 15 years of working in corporate America, 10 years of pastoral ministry, the adoption of our 4 children, and my own battle with the enemy within, I have experienced that many of us get off the path of success because of internal shame and self-contempt.  I have a unique perspective on isolating the internal critic and dismantling the voices that seem to control our destiny personally and professionally to help create a better today and a more successful tomorrow.

My mission is to understand WHY we do what we do and WHY we are the way we are. Naming the hidden driver behind our destructive decisions begins the process of living the life we want to live not the one dictated to us but our psychology.

The goal is to discover the source of your internal critic that often presents itself as fear, depression, poor self-esteem or even egomania, so you can run your own life.  Once that is accomplished, you no longer need to fortify a false self, but can begin to live into your own real path to success.

The primary goal at is to make sure you know you are not alone in your battle.  Living a life struggling with shame can primarily be a life of loneliness – which is the primary goal of shame – to separate us from each other.   Therefore, the most important remedy we have for the condition is to make sure each of us remembers that we are not alone in this fight.