If you ever wondered where shame came from, it’s an uncertain topic. All we know is that it’s in everyone. The bible offers an interesting glimpse at the first time a person comes face to face with shame. From there on out in the bible shame becomes fairly elusive – from there on out in the bible we have to deal with the effects of shame such as pride, envy, hatred, and greed to name a few. However, as we know, shame prefers to stay hidden. Shame is ok without getting any recognition because then it can continue to grow and fester unchecked. Our goal is to recognize what’s really driving all our decisions and actions and, when shame is involved, we can unmask it and strip its power.

As we look forward to a new year, we will again be focussed on finding shame wherever it lurks so that we can live our own lives and not the lives it is attempting to dictate to use by manipulating our fear of being exposed.